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Marvin Watches Reveals Loeb Timepiece Tomorrow - Sneak Peak

by Jason 3 November, 2010 View Comments

Tomorrow is a special day in Paris, on the Champs-Elysees.

Tomorrow, a World Rally Championship legend will unveil his personal creation.

Tomorrow, November 4th, will be the unveiling of the Marvin Watch Co. Sebastien Loeb special edition. Produced in partnership with Mr. Loeb, seven time WRC champion, the Loeb watch is a cool fusion of high-technology elements and details combined with a mechanical heart in a sporty watch that will be as impressive as it will be innovative. Think Hublot and Concord, but at a far more affordable(and reasonable) price. Marvin has been quietly working on the watch with Loeb and celebrated watch designers Jean-François Ruchonnet and Sébastien Perret. Having seen the preliminary drawings I can tell you this watch is a serious piece of kit that is well above everything you've seen from Marvin so far (which says a lot, because they have produced some pretty cool designs).

As a Marvin retailer, we have been given exclusive access to a teaser preview video for the new watch... Watch this space for more details on the watch after the official unveiling!

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