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November Newsletter - Tissot Watches, Two New Brands for Women, And Many New Models

by Jason 5 November, 2010 View Comments

Tissot watches new at Matt BailyTissot

New in store is one of the world's top Swiss brands – Tissot. Combining quality and functionality at a very reasonable price, Tissot is one of the best entry-level Swiss watch brands and offers a large variety of models to suit any taste. From the ever-popular and always innovative tactile Touch series (with touch screen dials and enough gadgets to satisfy any tech geek) to the fun and affordable ladies collections (available with diamond accents at very reasonable prices), there is a Tissot for everyone here at Matt Baily's. New from Tissot and new in store is the T-Touch II, the latest in high-tech, and coming soon is the Sailing Touch which combines a new sleek design with even more tactile functionality.


Alpina is launching a new series called Club that combine their trademark sporty design with some classic lines. The Club features 44mm stainless steel cases with optional PVD black and gold finishes with simple, easy to read dials. All versions come on a nice stitched leather strap. The case is a new design that is almost tonneau shaped, with the thick strap lugs nicely integrated into the body. Three models are available – the Alpina signature automatic manufacture regulateur, an automatic with date, and a big-date quartz chronograph. The result is an elegant watch that is still sporty and wearable in any situation – the versatility of the design is the real strength of the new Club, and it's a welcome addition to the Alpina lineup.

Alpina Club Watch Collections

Frederique Constant

New from Frederique Constant are updates of current favourites. The Healey series gets updated with some new variations; a chocolate dial with rose gold PVD case and a new limited edition package. Now the Healey Chronograph limited editions come with a matching mechanical stopwatch – something you don't see much in these days of digital stopwatches. Featuring seconds and elapsed minutes, and a flyback function, these hand-wind stopwatches are as nicely finished as the watches they come with and make a perfect companion for a sporty timepiece.

We also have the Junior series in store. These midsize timepieces are excellent value while retaining the trademark Frederique Constant level of quality. They are a perfect entry-level Swiss watch for a young man, or a woman looking for a classic timepiece is a bigger size. Several versions are available in both quartz and automatic variants, all well priced and nicely finished.

Three new Healey Models from Frederique Constant


We at Matt Baily are pleased to announce the arrival of Bedat & Co, a line of Swiss haute-couture ladies watches that pride themselves on exceptional quality. We will be the exclusive retailer of Bedat in Montreal, carrying their ladies line which represents excellent value in the haute-couture segment. Bedat has been stealing a lot of share from bigger brand names lately, and offers beautiful quality diamonds set in stainless steel - a rare option in this segment.

The signature series of the Bedat lineup is the No. 8. The No. 8 features round and cushion case variants in several sizes, in stainless steel or solid gold, with either quartz or mechanical movements. The real treat is the myriad of diamond options, which can be as modest as a few on the signature crown guard or as extravagant as a diamond-paved case. With all these options, you can specify a Bedat to suit any taste.

Bedat Watches Now Available at Matt Baily


In another first, we at Matt Baily will be the first to carry the Hera line of jewellery in Quebec. Directed by its namesake, Hera created her jewellery line in the wake of her husband's passing as a way of honouring his support for her craft. The result is a series of beautiful and striking jewellery collections that combine silver, gold and gems in interesting ways.

Divided into two main collections, Paradise and Unity, Hera Jewellery is notable for its variety, customizability, and ability to suit any price point. Many of the earring and necklace pieces feature interchangeable enhancers. There is a variety of gemstones and diamonds available, and pieces in silver and gold. The result is a broad line that can match any taste or budget, but that still retains the signature Hera style across the board – organic designs in bold pieces, with a bit of old-world flourish in the details.

Hera Luxurious Designer Jewelry

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