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New U-Boat U-1001 47 In Store

by Jason 25 July, 2011 View Comments

U1001 55 and 47mm

Since we became the first U-Boat watch retailer in Canada, U-Boat’s design has become a Matt Baily favourite and one of our best-selling lines. Most U-Boats follow two basic designs, the Classico (formerly Left Hook) and the Flightdeck, with constant updates and variations to keep the models fresh while retaining their distinctive style. If, however, you wish to get a U-Boat that stands apart from the rest of the range (not to mention the rest of the watch industry), there have always been the limited edition series that take things a little further. A recent series that has gotten a lot of attention is the U-1001 limited edition diving model, a 55mm titanium monster that clocks in as one of the biggest watches available today and one of the biggest U-Boats of all time (the number one spot goes to the ultra-exclusive 65mm U-1942).

 U1001 47mm Blue

As cool as the 55mm U-1001 was, it was definitely a niche product. It’s so big that you need massive wrists and forearms to pull it off without looking silly. That is where the new U-1001 47mm comes in – you get the distinctive style and presence of the original U-1001, but in a more modest size that anyone can wear.

 U1001 47 Blue

Like the original series, these U-1001s are limited to 1001 pieces in each colour (blue and orange). They are water-resistant to 1001 metres and feature a helium escape valve and a double screw-down crown (a screw-down crown underneath the signature crown cap). The details are the same as its bigger brother, but perfectly scaled down – all the bold proportions of the 55 are intact. This is a big plus, as you often see smaller versions of big watches that don’t have the same impact and are modified to suit the smaller scale. This watch is just as imposing and eye-catching as the 55, but infinitely more wearable for those of us with smaller wrists.


Unlike the 55, the new 47 is made of stainless steel rather than titanium. It gives the watch a different look, as the 55 features matte-finish titanium while the 47 uses brushed steel surfaces. It is more eye-catching and gives the watch a higher-quality appearance. I hesitate to use the word “dressy” but somehow it makes sense – matte is industrial, brushed has a more classic look. With such a massive case in steel the watch has a nice heft, about the same weight as the much bigger 55. Finishing overall is very good, with lots of detail on the sides of the case (the serial number plaque is a cool touch, as is the technical info engraved along the edge of the bezel).

 U1001 Side

The dial is the same as the bigger brother, with a matte-black finish and sandwich numerals exposing the coloured lume underneath. The U-1001 logo is applied in brushed steel and really makes the dial pop; while it is a little odd to read (12 to 3 o’clock markers are replaced by the logo) it definitely adds a distinctive touch to the otherwise clean dial. Big luminescent sword hands round out the design and make it a very legible watch. Simplicity is key with the dial of the U-1001, as it is with most U-Boat models.

 U1001 Back

The strap is the same heavy-duty rubber with deployant clasp that you will find on the bigger U-1001. It’s comfortable and soft but has a heavy feel that suits the diving nature of the watch. On the wrist it has a unique feel. It’s clearly bigger than the existing 45mm models (thicker too) but doesn’t overwhelm the wrist like the 50mm watches. While 47 would be big for most brands, it is a perfect mid-size in the U-Boat line. The U-1001 is just one of several models that will utilize the new 47mm size (coming soon is a 47mm U-42, and a 46mm U-51), which is great news for those of us who want a big U-Boat but don’t have the wrists for the 50mm plus models.

 U1001 Crown

U-Boat continues to surprise us with its new designs and each one is more impressive than the last – sometimes scaling down the size is a big step forward, certainly if you want to widen the appeal of an otherwise oversized model. The U-1001 47mm is a winner in my opinion, a superb design that is perfectly sized to fit anyone who wants a big, bold U-Boat but doesn’t have the massive meathooks to pull off a 50 plus millimetre watch. For more info on the U-1001 series or any other U-Boat models, feel free to call us at 514 845 8878 or visit our contact page.



Jason Cormier


 U1001 Wrist Shot

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