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Bell & Ross Military Ceramic

by Jason 12 September, 2011 View Comments

BR Military Ceramic
Ceramic is the latest trend in watch technology, having been dormant for many years. The recent popularity of ceramic watches like the Chanel J12, not to mention the ceramic accents on high-tech watches from Hublot and Audemars Piguet, has created a demand for more and more ceramic designs from a variety of manufacturers. Entering the fray is Bell & Ross with a variety of new ceramic models, including the BR03-92 Military Ceramic (green, as we have here, and blue due later this year) and the upcoming BR01-92 Ceramic.

Ceramic Case

Bell & Ross has been producing the ceramic BRS ladies models for several years now (produced in close partnership with Chanel, who have a large stake in Bell & Ross), but up until this point they haven’t made any ceramic men’s watches. The BR03-92 Military Ceramic was the first, released last year to wide acclaim. The Military takes the classic Instrument style and updates it without drastically changing anything. The case is a two piece solid ceramic assembly, held together with PVD coated steel screws that are drilled through the four corners of the case. Dimensions are the same as the steel BR03, 42mm square. Oh, and it happens to be matte olive-drab green for a true military look. The colour is interesting; in photos it looks like a hunter green shade, but in person it is more of a khaki-green mix. It is tinted to look like US military olive drab, and it comes quite close to replicating the classic brown-green shade. Weight is very similar to the steel BR03, perhaps slightly lighter (which is to say it has a nice solid heft without being too heavy).

Military Side

Up until this point all Instruments have been stainless steel or gold, with the odd titanium model (and also the cool as heck Carbon Fibre). The previous Military model had a black PVD coated steel case with green and white dial. The Carbon models (BR speak for PVD coated) are steel underneath the bead-blasted black finish. As anyone with a Carbon model BR knows, the traditional coating can be scratched off to reveal the steel underneath. That’s the big advantage of a ceramic case – it is highly scratch-resistant and uniformly coloured so it won’t show anything else underneath if it does scratch. The hardness of ceramic is akin to sapphire, which means it is very difficult to scratch and ding. However, it is a brittle material – dropping a ceramic watch on a hard surface may shatter the case.

BR Military Ceramic Dial

Like the standard BR03 the Ceramic features an automatic Swiss ETA calibre movement with date. The dial is the classic black and white BR style with superluminova. And yes, the dial is black and white– the colour you see in the photos is in fact the crystal that is tinted a soft green colour to match the case. It gives the watch a subdued uniformity and cuts the contrast on the dial – without sacrificing any legibility. Like all BRs the Military has superb luminescence, making it one of the easiest watches in the world to read day or night.

Military Caseback 
Like all Instruments two straps are included. One is a bright green rubber item, the other a green nylon with PVD carbon buckle. Both really compliment the look of the green case nicely; the nylon is my personal favourite, as it offers a comfortable strap that can be washed and re-used when it starts to get a little funky.
Military Ceramic
The Military Ceramic is a very nice addition to the Instrument collection and a great upgrade to the line. More ceramic models will be forthcoming from Bell & Ross in the coming months, including a very cool Military Blue that will have a navy blue ceramic case and blue-tinted crystal. Also coming soon is the much-awaited BR01 Ceramic, starting with a dressy gloss black item with applied numeral dial. You can be sure that ceramic BRs are the Instrument of the future, a much appreciated upgrade to the ever-popular line. If you have any questions about Bell & Ross or any other brand we carry, feel free to call us at 514 845 8878 or visit our contact page.

Jason Cormier

Bell Ross Ceramic Wrist Shot

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