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Pre-Basel 2012 - New Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer

by Jason 1 February, 2012 View Comments

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer

It's been 120 years since the inception of the Hamilton brand, and to celebrate this milestone the company will be producing a limited edition model called the Navy Pioneer.

Hamilton Khaki Navy Pioneer

Clocking in at 46mm with an expansive silver dial and blued hands the Pioneer is clearly inspired by marine clocks, a specialty of Hamilton in the early 20th century. Featuring a manual-wind 6498 calibre movement, the watch will be produced in stainless steel as a series of 1892 examples.

Hamilton Marine Box

What makes the watch really special, however, is that it is convertible. The watch can be removed from the wrist mount and installed into an included wooden box with gimbal system, making it into a desk clock styled to resemble a marine chronometer.


You can expect to see the Navy Pioneer in stores later this year - if you are interested, it would be best to contact us and place a deposit to secure one. In general Hamilton limited editions sell out very quickly and the only way to ensure delivery is to pre-order.

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