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Alpina Heritage Pilot FR

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by Jason on 8 April, 2013

Dernièrement, Alpina a le vent dans les voiles, depuis l’arrivée des collections très prisées Startimer et Sailing l’année dernière. Cette année, une nouvelle version de la Extreme Driver a joint la collection; elle est semblable à la Sailing, mais possède une lunette en céramique. Il y a aussi la sortie de la très attendue Heritage Pilot. Pourvue d’un boîtier massif de 50 mm et d’un design inspiré des montres de pilotes des années 1930, la Heritage s’avère une montre intéressante offerte par une marque qui fait figure de proue dans le marché de montres suisses accessibles.

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Bell & Ross Turn Coordinator FR

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by Jason on 1 April, 2013

Une autre année s'est écoulée et comme chaque année, Bell & Ross a lancé des instruments en édition limitée. La sortie chaque saison de nouvelles séries de variations du modèle BR01 est désormais une tradition et vise à maintenir l'intérêt des collectionneurs pour cette collection toujours aussi populaire. Cette année, nous attendons trois nouvelles versions qui sont un hommage aux authentiques instruments de l'aviation: la Horizon, la Altimeter et la Turn Coordinator. Les modèles Horizon et Altimeter sortiront très prochainement; entre-temps, nous avons reçu la Turn Coordinator, une pièce qui s'inspire de l'indicateur à disque des modèles Compass et Radar, repensée pour 2012.

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Vintage Breitling Duo - Part II

by Jason on 18 February, 2013

The same week that we received the Navitimer, we also had a trade in of another iconic but seldom seen vintage Breitling. The Co-Pilot ref. 7651 Chrono-Matic is an exceptional watch in several respects – it uses the world’s first automatic chronograph movement (if we ignore Zenith’s claims to the contrary), and it has a massive 48mm case. It is imposing, eye catching, and a bit ridiculous. It’s a vintage watch for the extrovert.

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Vintage Breitling Duo - Part I

by Jason on 11 February, 2013

Sometimes you have odd moments of serendipity, even working in this weird industry that is watches. We deal with a lot of preowned and vintage timepieces, but can have lulls of long periods where we may not have any leads or offers to trade in new pieces. Then, suddenly, you will have a rush of items come in within a span of several weeks. Such was the case where we ended up with two exceptional vintage Breitlings. Both came from completely different sources, but ended up in our store in the same week. Both are exceptional, hard to find, and well preserved – and both have interesting histories behind them.

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Vacheron Constantin 247 Retrograde

by Jason on 16 January, 2013

The watch we have here today is one of the rarest modern Vacherons this side of a minute repeater – the very rare and seldom seen 247, which is a Patrimony retrograde model produced in platinum in 2002 to mark the (you guessed it) 247th anniversary of the company. As you would expect, 247 individually numbered watches were produced - and sold out within a short period. As a result finding information about the 247 is sometimes difficult, and examples for sale are extremely rare. Collectors speak of the 247 in reverent tones as a difficult-to-obtain holy grail that is seldom offered for sale outside of major auction houses (at a rate of about one per year by my research). It’s a rare bird and we are fortunate to have one of the only examples in Canada in stock at Matt Baily’s.

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Happy Holidays from Matt Baily

by Jason on 15 December, 2012

The staff of Matt Baily would like to wish all of our clients and their families a safe and happy holiday season. We thank you for your support and patronage and look forward to serving you in the New Year.

Best wishes for 2013


We are proud to announce the launch of our updated website. On the new Matt Baily site you will find the same useful information, special offers, product reviews, and visual media with a streamlined new format. We are also pleased to introduce a French website so that our content can be more accessible to our Francophone clients.

Matt Baily has long prided itself for its strong online presence and high-quality content, and we hope that our new site can make our information more accessible and easier to navigate - for a wider audience in Canada and abroad.

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PANDORA Cadeau avec Achat Decembre - PANDORA Gift with Purchase December

by Jason on 28 November, 2012

Cadeau gratuit avec achat pour le mois de decembre Recevez une decoration des Fetes PANDORA (une valeur au detail de 35$ CAD) a l'achat de 150$ ou plus de bijoux PANDORA.

Free Gift with Purchase for the Month of December Receive a PANDORA holiday ornament (a $35 CAD retail value) with your purchase of $150 or more of PANDORA jewellery.

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Bille PANDORA Serie Limitee - Limited Edition PANDORA Charm

by Jason on 14 November, 2012

Série Limitée 2012 Bille Cadeau Précieux Disponible à partir du 23 novembre 2012 pour un temps limité seulement.

Limited Edition 2012 Precious Gift Charm Available starting November 23rd, 2012 for a limited time only.

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Blancpain Villeret Dual Time

by Jason on 31 October, 2012

Founded in 1735 by Jehan-Jacques Blancpain in the Swiss town of Villeret, Blancpain has become one of the top haute-horlogerie brands on the market today. They produce a number of styles ranging from restrained elegance to bold sport, and a limitless selection of complications. Unfortunately it is often overshadowed by the “better known” players in the high-end Swiss watch market – Blancpain often plays second fiddle to sister brand Breguet, and has less recognition than the powerhouse manufactures of Vacheron Constantin, Patek Philippe, and Jaeger le Coultre. Thus Blancpains are often under appreciated, which is a shame as some of their timepieces - like the Villeret Dual Time we have here - are quite stunning and can offer impressive value on the used market.

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PANDORA Cadeau avec Achat - PANDORA Gift with Purchase

by on 4 October, 2012

Cadeau gratuit a l'achat - Pour le mois d'octobre Recevez un bracelet en cuir rose PANDORA (une valeur detail de 50$ CAD) a l'achat de 100$ ou plus de bijoux PANDORA.

Free Gift with Purchase - For the Month of October Receive a PANDORA single pink leather bracelet (a $50 CAD retail value) with your purchase of $100 or more of PANDORA jewellery.

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