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Extreme Regulator Embodies Alpina's Uniqueness - With Video Review

2010 July 13

The Extreme Regulator is a fine example of the Alpina's personality and unique style. The quality of the mechanical movement and Swiss manufacturing are the base for a gorgeous, robust watch. In this entry we also present a quick video presentation of the Extreme Regulator in Full 1080p HD quality.

Women living large

2008 November 28

The large watch fashion trend is still going strong. It makes quite the fashion statement when you see an elegantly dressed woman or celebrity wearing a large sporty timepiece. It exudes confidence and attitude, while still being functional and incredibly easy to read.

Still a good time to buy a watch

2008 October 17

In these economic times of uncertainty, there are exceptional watch brands that are comparable to those of the Haute Horlogerie. There are many watch brands that are at par as far as quality and style is concerned. Watches like Hamilton which are owned by the Swatch group, who also own the movements that are supplied to watch manufacturers around the world.

Strap Field Test - How water affects watch straps

2008 September 25

This summer I had the chance to stage field studies on how different types of watch bands fare in water. You may own a water resistant watch, but if you don't have the right kind of strap on it you don't want to get it wet.

New Alpina Avalanche Extreme Manufacture Regulator

2008 April 30

Alpina products first series of Regulator wristwatches, presented in 2005, are a reminder of the brands heritage and fascinating history albeit with a design that is absolutely fresh and contemporary.

New Alpina models will be launched at Basel

2008 March 28

We're receiving some teasers from Alpina Watches about the whole new direction the company is taking, that is sure to make an impact.

Alpina Brings Back the Alpinist Spirit

2007 December 14

The dynamism of the brand is one of the commercial priorities, but the clue to succeed is to re-capture the 'Alpinist Spirit'. It is the Alpinist Spirit that made the brand so strong in the past.

Alpinas are Here and Man are they Beautiful

2007 November 27

We are proud to say we are the first and only Canadian dealer of Alpina watches. Unbelievable craftmanship at a price point that is unheard of. Saphire crystal, regulator movements, high quality finishing.