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Azimuth Round 1 Regulator Retrograde

2011 February 26

In this week's blog Jason profiles the cool and quirky Azimuth Round 1 Retrograde Regulator, a very distinctive dress watch from a small manufacturer of interesting complications.

Mr Roboto: Azimuths Hallmark Creation from the Mecha-1 BMF Collection

2008 April 03

The Revival of the Tin Robot Generation. Fans of the vintage tin robot era can now embrace their fantasy of robotic warrior literally and get their first chance to see Azimuth's Mr Roboto, prototype watch of the World's First tin robot concept of the 1950s.

Azimuth is launching their new models at the Basel Fair

2008 April 03

Azimuth watches is launching their new models at the Basel Fair. The latest of the Bombardier series will be the Azimuth Bombardier V 48mm and limited to 500 pieces. There will also be PVD versions of the Azimuth Gauge Mecha and Azimuth Chrono Gauge Mecha as well. This is an exciting time, when all the latest creations get announced, we will keep you posted as the information arrives.

Review: Azimuth Jagdbomber Military Watch

2008 March 12

There is a growing appreciation for pilot watches. My theory is that all us baby boomers are at the age where every day seems to be harder than the next to read anything. The large sizes with luminous hands and markers, make it easy on the old eyes.

Azimuth Spaceship Watch

2008 January 29

Azimuth SP-1 Mechanique concept watch. Nicknamed the spaceship watch with a rendition of Earth, a globular decorative feature that makes one rotation every 60 seconds.