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Congratulations Ms. Poznansky on your Beautiful Wedding

2009 September 08

We recently received an email from Ms. Lori Poznansky containing a warm thank you note and pictures of her husband unveiling his surprise gift at their wedding. Although the Corum Golden Bridge is featured in the photos, it is the gorgeous bride that steals the show. Congratulations!

Scott Kay Jeweller and Visionary

2009 July 28

Now that Matt Baily will be carrying Scott Kay's line of man's jewelry, I have had the opportunity to learn a little more about the man and his company. Scott Kay is definitely a great innovator in the jewelry business. Originally his claim to fame occurred when he predicted or created the popularity of platinum as a metal used for jewelry.

Pre-Owned Watches and Bridal Jewelry Now on MattBaily.ca

2008 January 25

Two new sections are now available on our site. Matt Baily is one of the few stores nation-wide that offers the opportunity of trading in your watch towards a purchase. We service all pre-owned watches to give a one-year in-store warranty. All these watches are now displayed on our new pre-owned section, with retail and asking price.

Circle of Life

2008 January 23

The circle is one of nature's most pleasing shapes. Take this perfectly balanced form, re-create it in a precious metal, adorn it with beautifully gleaming diamonds, and you got yourself the classic Circle of Life pendant.