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Pandora March 2011 Bracelet Promotion

2011 March 03

March 2011 Pandora Promotion - From March 10-12th Receive a Free Pandora Lobster Clasp Bracelet with purchase of 125$ or more!

November Newsletter - Tissot Watches, Two New Brands for Women, And Many New Models

2010 November 05

Coming up in November are three new brands, Tissot, Hera, and Bedat & Co., along with new watches from Frédérique Constant and Alpina.

Receive A Free Silver Pandora Bracelet

2010 September 11

You can receive a free silver Pandora Jewelry bracelet during a special Trunk Show event starting the 23th of September.

Pandora Jewelry Shop-In-Shop at Matt Baily Boutique

2010 September 11

A sneak peak at the future Pandora Jewelry corner at the Matt Baily Boutique in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Pandora Jewellery Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

2010 May 03

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if your mom is anything like mine (someone who has everything), then shopping for her gift can get pretty stressful. This year I was thinking about something heartfelt, fun yet easy. Luckily Pandora Jewelry is now available at Matt Baily on Crescent street!

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her

2010 January 14

Jewelry is a classic Valentine's day present and for good reason. A piece of jewelry can show that you know her tastes and her personality. An endless variety of designs enables you to choose a piece that carries a specific meaning like a good luck charm or a symbolic number for example. It doesn't necessarily have to be deep, powerful symbolism to be memorable. On our fifth Valentine's Day together, I gave my girlfriend a 5-stack Pianegonda Bond ring. I gave her each component separately at different moments during our dinner and movie date to represent each year that we were together. It could have been five years, or five months. The bottom line is that my theatrics made the event meaningful and therefore memorable.

Scott Kay Jeweller and Visionary

2009 July 28

Now that Matt Baily will be carrying Scott Kay's line of man's jewelry, I have had the opportunity to learn a little more about the man and his company. Scott Kay is definitely a great innovator in the jewelry business. Originally his claim to fame occurred when he predicted or created the popularity of platinum as a metal used for jewelry.

Joy Bryant Wearing Ron Hami

2009 July 20

Today I found a photo shoot featuring actress Joy Bryant wearing some great pieces of Ron Hami jewelry. The photo shoot was on Complex Magazine's website and offered images that would make any jewelry designer proud to be part of. In the pictures, Ms. Bryant is seen wearing the necklace from the Palma collection as well as a few other necklaces and rings.

Rihanna Wears Rebecca Jewelry in 'Rehab' Video

2009 February 25

In Rihanna's recent video for the song Rehab, the recording artist proudly wears pieces from Rebecca Jewelry's Melrose collection. Rihanna's impeccable style and beauty are complemented by a wide rose gold plated bronze bangle and matching earrings similar to a pair that are available on MattBaily.ca.

Human Rights on Jewelry - DeMaria Italy Makes Socially Responsible Jewelry

2008 December 02

In the past, a lot of talk and controversy has taken place about the ethics of the jewelry industry. From the sale of diamonds that helped fund brutal military activity, to the destruction of natural habitats in order to mine precious metals and stones. Finally in the past several years, our society has started to care enough about these issues that it has actually become profitable for jewelry and watch companies to adopt more eco-friendly and socially responsible manufacturing methods.

Women living large

2008 November 28

The large watch fashion trend is still going strong. It makes quite the fashion statement when you see an elegantly dressed woman or celebrity wearing a large sporty timepiece. It exudes confidence and attitude, while still being functional and incredibly easy to read.

Pink is Decked out in Beautiful Rebecca Jewelry on Much Music

2008 November 19

The other day I chanced upon a broadcast of singer Pink on Much Music's Live @ Much. Pink (officially P!nk) definitely has her own style and, while always fashionable and well put together, she is never mainstream and mundane.

Fall 2008 Jewelry Fashion Trends

2008 October 01

As a guy, I may not have the best understanding about fashion trends, but I do know jewelry. I also know which pieces look good on the wrists and necks of our customers. Combine hot jewelry with seasonal colours and you got this fall's trends.

Beware! The real truth about purchasing a watch outside of Canada

2008 August 14

I know you've been tempted seeing a watch in the islands or at duty free shops. What a great deal, I'll just put it on, and tell customs it's my watch if asked. The reality is, it is a criminal offense to not declare any luxury goods over $2,000.00.

Calgaro: Innovator in Beauty

2008 June 29

Jewelry should be unique as well as fashionable to reflect the individuality of its owner. Calgaro is a jewelry company that understands this. They provide beautiful pieces that showcase the company's ability to manufacture silver and gold in unusual ways. Calgaro is the only manufacturer that can weave minute wires into comfortable, beautiful fabric. This unique material is present in many of their fine jewels.

Review: Roger Dubuis Easy Diver S.A.W 46mm

2008 June 06

What Roger Dubuis has done in its relatively young existence, is to position itself amongst the industry's oldest, most luxurious, and best known manufacturers. Since the company was founded in 1995, it has been braking the mold that companies like Patek Philippe had implanted for super-high end watches. Roger Dubuis founder Carlos Dias' fixation with quality, functionality, and style is well represented by the S.A.W (Sport Activity Watch) collection.

Gem Review: The Quartz Family. Size, Colour, and Strength at a Good Price

2008 March 18

Ever wondered what qualities the citrine, amethyst, or tiger's eye on your jewelry have? These are all varieties of quartz, which is characterized by its beautiful colors and great durability.

Short Video about Rebecca Jewelry

2008 March 06

Rebecca stands alone in the world of fashion introducing over 500 new designs every year. Designed and manufactured 100% in Italy, Rebecca is the renowned trend setter whom others try to follow.

Rihanna Loves Pianegonda

2008 February 26

Once again Rihanna was spotted wearing her Pianegonda jewelry. In the Style Watch section of February's People magazine (right), she was pictured proudly wearing a necklace and a bracelet from the Glittering Love Collection. Pianegonda's young and glamorous look mirror's the talented artist's own style.

Pianegonda: Celebrity Spottings

2008 February 02

Rosario Dawson: The popular American actress Rosario Dawson wears the silver earrings Vicious line.

Pre-Owned Watches and Bridal Jewelry Now on MattBaily.ca

2008 January 25

Two new sections are now available on our site. Matt Baily is one of the few stores nation-wide that offers the opportunity of trading in your watch towards a purchase. We service all pre-owned watches to give a one-year in-store warranty. All these watches are now displayed on our new pre-owned section, with retail and asking price.

Circle of Life

2008 January 23

The circle is one of nature's most pleasing shapes. Take this perfectly balanced form, re-create it in a precious metal, adorn it with beautifully gleaming diamonds, and you got yourself the classic Circle of Life pendant.

Ron Hami: Classic Avant-Garde

2008 January 15

Ron Hami has deep seeded roots in the jewelry trade; he comes from a family of jewelry experts. He runs his company with the help of his brother, Eli, out of Los Angeles. Ron Hami pieces are created in a variety of gold materials. Not only yellow, but also white, rose, and black gold are used and adorned with natural gems of many varieties. While being extremely avant-garde, many classic aspects of design are evident. The use of bead cut diamonds - like in the caviar carved earrings - is an example of antique design concepts.

Pianegonda 2008 Catalogs

2008 January 11

Pianegonda released their 2008 catalogs. The Woman's World catalog presents stunning pieces, sided by strong, empowering messages.

Short Video about Pianegonda Jewelry

2008 January 04

In this continued series of short videos, we bring you Pianegonda, a designer jewelry line much respected here at Matt Baily. The mission of Franco Pianegonda and the company is to transmit happiness and emotions through original design, the purity and beauty of his creations, the quality of materials and the excellence of service. Have a look-see!

Introducing Pianegonda Part 1: The Personality

2007 December 18

The Pianegonda brand was started by Franco Pianegonda in 1994 with the help of his sister Maria Luisa and a few other trusted colleagues in Vicenza. Today Pianegonda is present all over the world with boutiques and offices in major cities such as Athens, Miami, Paris, Hong Kong, Dubai, and numerous others.

The Rebecca Three-Stone Ring

2007 December 13

This past fall saw the arrival of several new designer jewelry brands at Matt Baily. All the pieces that came in, hand picked by Matt, are of the highest quality and with exquisite design. One ring, however, stole the show. The St. Tropez Three-stone ring by Rebecca caught the eye of women from every age group and of varying styles. It's not hard to see why.

Matt Baily Launches New Jewelry and Watch Brands

2007 October 26

In the past three months, those who have been in the store have noticed a change. Our fourteen-foot showcase is filled with designer jewelry. Pianegonda, Rebecca, Ron Hami, Mimma, and Calgaro are examples of what is now available at Matt Baily's boutique.