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A Brief History of Marvin Watches

2011 April 18

The Marvin Watch company has been around for over 160 years, and this week Jason gives a short history of the brand from 1850 to the present, covering the development of the company, its disappearance, and its rebirth in 2002.

New Marvin Malton and Loeb Models in Store

2011 January 27

In this week's blog, Jason gives a brief profile of the new Marvin Malton and Sebastien Loeb watches now available in store at Matt Baily's.

Marvin Watch Co. Unveils the LOEB Special Edition

2010 November 05

The Marvin Watch Co. LOEB Limited Edition has been revealed! Jason has the scoop and official photos of the new watch.

Tonnes of New Watches At The Boutique This Fall

2010 September 24

This Fall the Matt Baily boutique is receiving some of 2010's hottest watches including the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Military Ceramic, BR Vintage 123 and 126, and the Marvin Malton series.

Marvin M109 Presentation - Everybody Loves Marvin M109

2010 August 18

A presentation of the M109 by Marvin Watch Co. This fantastic timepiece is at once classic and modern, elegant and bold.

Review of Marvin Watch Co° M112 - Inspired By A Great Past

2010 July 12

The M112 collection captures both the past and present of Marvin Watch Co°. Its dial is symbolic of the Fifties and Sixties, an era when watches were meant to be elegant accessories, while the wide, 44mm case and modern materials represent the demands of today's luxury watch enthusiasts.

Simple Does Not Mean Unremarkable - The Marvin Watch Co presents M108 Origin

2010 July 02

Marvin Watch Co° may strike many in North America as a new brand, but in reality it has a very long and eventful history. Many of their vintage creations, from as far back as the early Twentieth century, are still ticking today on the wrists of collectors or at the Marvin castle in Neuchatel, Switzerland. When it became official that Matt Baily would be an authorized retailer for this fine brand, we posted an article presenting Marvin Watch Co° on the Baily Blog. The company takes great pride in their history and many Marvin watches are created to reflect this heritage. The Marvin M108, dubbed the Origin, is a perfect example of this. It captures subtle hints of vintage elegance and mixes them within a contemporary package.

Matt Baily Welcomes Marvin Watches to Canada

2010 June 08

Matt Baily is now the first, retailer of Marvin Watches in Canada in decades. Marvin Watch Co. carries a very long history and have produced millions of watches over the span of centuries. We are excited about this brand, because it matches the unique personality of our boutique. While luxurious and of high Swiss-grade quality, Marvin watches focus on value and creativity.