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Michele Watches Tahitian Jelly Bean - Playful Luxury

2010 May 13

Michele watches just got even more fun with the addition of a new colourful collection. The Tahitian Jelly Bean collection is "as undeniably fun as [it] is luxurious." The collection is made up of six colour variations are priced bellow $400 in Canada.

Michele Watches Offers Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

2010 May 05

When speaking of Mother's Day, Michele comes to mind. This is because this is the brand at Matt Baily that most often crosses generational lines. As many Michele watches were purchased by parents for their daughters is as many that have been chosen by men and women as gifts for their mothers.

Michele Watches Limited and Special Collections

2010 March 03

Variety is the spice of life. Michele watches have embraced this proverb with great enthusiasm! Their watch bands - for example - draw from a palette of hundred of colors and dozens of materials. On the straps, a specialized mechanism allows the owner to swap them easily using only their fingers making it possible to vary the style of your watch as often as you change your outfit. The watches themselves are quite diverse even though each one captures the signature Michele style. For a limited time, Michele will offer an even bigger selection of glamorous and exciting watches in their limited and special collections.