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Tips for Caring for your PANDORA Jewellery

2011 March 23

Melanie offers some tips and tricks for maintaining your PANDORA bracelet and charms.

Women living large

2008 November 28

The large watch fashion trend is still going strong. It makes quite the fashion statement when you see an elegantly dressed woman or celebrity wearing a large sporty timepiece. It exudes confidence and attitude, while still being functional and incredibly easy to read.

Size does matter

2008 November 19

Women are getting more and more into wearing a men's full size watches. It is extremely fashionable to wear a large high-end timepiece, the term a men's or women's watch is out the window. Bell & Ross has a new model that has elegance and beauty with the 39mm square size that is comfortable for either sex to appreciate.

Still a good time to buy a watch

2008 October 17

In these economic times of uncertainty, there are exceptional watch brands that are comparable to those of the Haute Horlogerie. There are many watch brands that are at par as far as quality and style is concerned. Watches like Hamilton which are owned by the Swatch group, who also own the movements that are supplied to watch manufacturers around the world.

Fall 2008 Jewelry Fashion Trends

2008 October 01

As a guy, I may not have the best understanding about fashion trends, but I do know jewelry. I also know which pieces look good on the wrists and necks of our customers. Combine hot jewelry with seasonal colours and you got this fall's trends.

U-Boat Releases Flightdeck Rubber

2008 September 27

Finally a rubber strap is available for 50 and 55 mm U-Boat Flightdeck models. Reflecting Italian style, the strap is stitched and looks almost like leather. A great accessory to add to your collection, you will finally be able to take your U-Boat watch to the beach or pool.

Strap Field Test - How water affects watch straps

2008 September 25

This summer I had the chance to stage field studies on how different types of watch bands fare in water. You may own a water resistant watch, but if you don't have the right kind of strap on it you don't want to get it wet.

Are you buying from an Authorized dealer

2008 September 25

Internet sales are definitely on the rise. If you Google a watch company, you will get pages of sites offering watches. Here's a little lesson in online shopping.

Helpful Tips for Your Watches Long Life: Cleaning

2008 January 22

The case and bracelet must be cleaned to eliminate dirt and perspiration. After checking that all parts are screwed tight, gently rub the watch with an old toothbrush and soap. A household creme cleanser can be used if the watch is very dirty. Rinse with clear water and dry using a soft cloth.

Helpful Tips for Your Watches Long Life: Sport and Watches

2008 January 22

Always read the recommendations in the watch's manual as these will include advice about sporting activities. As a general rule, mechanical watches require particular caution and are best not worn for sports involving sudden or powerful movements, for example golf, mountain-biking, tennis or squash.

Helpful Tips for your Watches Long Life: Adjusting

2008 January 22

Changing the date engages several wheels in the mechanism. Never make a 'rapid date change' between 10pm and 2am as this is when the date-change mechanism operates.

Watch Tip of the Day

2008 January 18

The crown is used to adjust the hours, minutes and date. Never turn the crown while wearing the watch as this could twist the winding stem and damage the movement. Always take the watch off first.

5 Tips From Robert Polet on How To Be Stylish

2008 January 17

European Businessman of the Year, and Gucci CEO, Robert Polet, lists five tips for us on how to be stylish in our day-to-day. Enjoy.

Top 10 Mens' Style Tips: Victor and Rolf

2007 December 23

Style.com has some interesting fashion tips for men from world renown designers, Victor and Rolf.