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What does it mean to be an Authorized Dealer?

Being an authorized dealer allows us to offer a Manufacturers Warranty on all of our new luxury watches and designer jewelry. It is the manufacturers certification that we are an accredited business and that all of our merchandise comes from a notable and certain origin.

Is Matt Baily an online store?

No. We are a brick and mortar store located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. You will find our boutique's location on our contact page. Email us or call 514-845-8878.

The Internet can be a dubious and bewildering environment. Due to its inherent suspect nature, we do not make any sales online. Doing so is frowned upon by our manufacturers and we fully comply with their wishes that all sales be completed off-line. This also insures that the proper attention and service can be devoted to each sale of our luxury goods.

What methods of payment do we accept?

We accept credit cards (Visa, American Express and Mastercard) over the phone for sales within Canada. We must ship to the credit card billing address. We do not accept credit cards from outside Canada, in which case a "Direct Wire Transfer" can be used for payment.

What is Matt Baily's policy on trade-ins?

In the scope of increasing the buying power of our clients, we accept trade-ins. Our long history in the luxury watch market allows for in-store inspection and appraisal of your watches.

What experience do we offer in the luxury watch and designer jewelry business?

The Matt Baily boutique has existed in one form or another for over thirty years. Matt Baily has accumulated vital experience for buying and selling high-end goods. The stores staff shares the same passion as Mr. Baily himself and is truly knowledgeable of the products they sell.

What's the availability of our items?

MattBaily.ca is a promotional website for the Matt Baily Jewelry & Watch Merchant boutique, located in Montreal, Quebec in Canada. For this reason, all items are subject to prior sale in store.

Prices for all our items are subject to change without notice. Despite our best efforts, and in very rare instances, the items in our catalogue can be mispriced. For this reason we cannot guarantee the availability of our products at the prices listed on this site.

What sort of warranty do you offer on your Products?

Matt Baily is an authorized retailer of numerous brands of watches and jewelry. This means that any new item purchased at our store is protected by the manufacturer's warranty, which varies from brand to brand.

Do your pre-owned watches come with a warranty?

All our pre-owned watches come with a 1-year limited in-store warranty on its movement only. Our warranty covers neglect, on our part, in the maintenance of the movement. Our warranty excludes watch case, watch bracelet, battery, straps, crown/stem, crystal/glass and any damage to watch such as misuse, accidents, abuse, everyday wear and tear or neglect. If watch is opened or serviced, the warranty is immediately void.

What's your privacy policy?

We are committed to safeguarding your personal information and will never sell, swap, trade or pass along to any third party any of your private information.

Your name, address, credit card information, telephone numbers, email address & all other private information will always remain confidential.

Your personal information will be used solely for billing & shipping applications.