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Avalanche Extreme Diver AL-525LFB5FBAEV6

Avalanche Extreme Diver AL-525LFB5FBAEV6

by Alpina

Alpina is always striving to conquer extreme conditions. Deep waters are no match for the new Avalanche Extreme Diver that is rated to 100ATM. The super luminous hands and markers are also adapted to great depths where very little light can reach. This all-black version is a beautiful instrument reflecting the darkness of the ocean depths.

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Black with highly luminescent, black numerals, markers, and hands.


Black surgical quality rubber for comfort and durability.


Stainless steel with heavy duty sapphire crystal 48mm. Pressure escapement valve allows the watch to be rated for 1000 meter water resistance. Screw-locking crown adorned with rubber. Uni-directional rotating, PVD blackened bezel with photo-luminescent, black markings.


Automatic winding with sweep seconds and date functions.

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