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Watch Specials


This section showcases luxury items from our collections of luxury watches and designer jewelry that offer particularly good value. Whether it be pre-owned or new-old-stock (NOS) watches or seasonal jewelry sales, you can always find great offers in our specials page. Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be amongst the first to learn of new specials.

Current Specials

Watch Specials

Browse through the luxury items in the specials section of the Matt Baily boutique.

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Jewelry Specials

Matt Baily is offering significant savings on all in-stock Calgaro, Rebecca, Ron Hami, Sauro, Pianegonda, Demaria and Comete jewellery.

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Tissot Clearance

30% off all men's and 40% off all women's Tissot watches in store!

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$550.00 $275.00

Sailing T-touch Sailing T-touch

$1295.00 $777.00