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Its Always High Tide with the Corum Tides 48

by Dino 13 décembre, 2007 Voir les commentaires

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The 48mm Corum Tides 48 18k rose gold is one of the most gorgeous watches we've seen of late. No wonder this Corum is the hardest and most sought after watch in the line. The twelve sided case is totally unique and is perfectly balanced, giving it a striking look especially with black dodecagon bezel.

The dial gives you the impression of it being a chronograph, with the textured and beautifully finished subsidiary dials for the tide functions, showing the Lunar (where the tides come in on average every 12hrs 25 minutes).The Admirals Cup Tides 48 provides all the important information about the tides, the Lunar month, the strength of the tide, an estimate of the higher water and current strengths, as well as the time of the tides.

Very impressive on the wrist especially the comfort of the rubber strap, the Stainless Steel Tides 48 versions also come with a massive Stainless Steel bracelet.


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