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Alpina Brings Back the Alpinist Spirit

by Dino 14 décembre, 2007 Voir les commentaires

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The dynamism of the brand is one of the commercial priorities, but the clue to succeed is to re-capture the 'Alpinist Spirit'. It is the Alpinist Spirit that made the brand so strong in the past.

Alpina watches are a huge value for the money, making complicated regulator movements at a fraction of the price of their counterparts. High quality finishing in stainless steel, PVD, or Rose Gold Plated cases. Dials with perfect textures with just the right sized subsidiary dials and markers, to please the harshest of watch afficionados. Sapphire crystals quality straps and bracelets, models range in sizes from 42mm up to 48mm

Top sellers in the line are as follows:

There are many Alpina Avalanche Regulator models in 42mm sizes as well.


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