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Ron Hami: Classic Avant-Garde

by Marco 15 janvier, 2008 Voir les commentaires

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Ron Hami has deep seeded roots in the jewelry trade; he comes from a family of jewelry experts. He runs his company with the help of his brother, Eli, out of Los Angeles. Ron Hami pieces are created in a variety of gold materials. Not only yellow, but also white, rose, and black gold are used and adorned with natural gems of many varieties. While being extremely avant-garde, many classic aspects of design are evident. The use of bead cut diamonds - like in the caviar carved earrings - is an example of antique design concepts.

On his website, it is stated that 'the jewelry design of Ron Hami is inspired by natural and spiritual influences.' The fact that Ron Hami intertwines these two aspects into his designs, is what I believe makes his pieces so beautiful and honest. The carved collection exemplifies this notion.

Ron Hami's vision is also quite diversified, and he continuously dazzles us with new collections. We will keep our eye on this budding jeweler star, and I recommend you do the same.


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