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Helpful Tips for Your Watches Long Life: Cleaning

by Dino 22 janvier, 2008 Voir les commentaires

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The case and bracelet must be cleaned to eliminate dirt and perspiration.

Cleaning the case

  • Water-resistant watch: after checking that all parts are screwed tight, gently rub the watch with an old toothbrush and soap. A household creme cleanser can be used if the watch is very dirty. Rinse with clear water and dry using a soft cloth.
  • Non water-resistant watch: first remove the strap or bracelet then clean the case with a moist cloth. Rub gently in the corners with a soft brush then wipe again with a moist cloth to remove any last traces of dirt. Wipe clean and dry with a soft cloth. You can also clean the case 'dry' using a gentle laundry stain remover on a cotton bud.

Cleaning the bracelet or strap

  • Metal or rubber: clean using the same method as for a water-resistant watch.
  • Leather: rinse the strap under clear water then rub it with a soft brush and a little soap. Wipe with a soft cloth and leave to dry in the open air, away from any source of heat.


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