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Bell and Ross BR03 51 GMT: Sexy, Light, and Priced Just Right

by Dino 5 février, 2008 Voir les commentaires

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The Bell & Ross BR03 51 GMT is not only an extremely stylish piece, with its light weight titanium case, carbon fiber dial and orange hand on its second time zone dial , but it is a very complicated watch for the money. Not only does it have the two independent time zone dials but it also has a large double wheel date. Every watch enthusiast knows that every little complication added to a mechanical watch, increases the watches price.

A single crown can quick set the big date at the first position. By pulling the crown to the second position and rotating the hands clockwise, this will set the main time zone. By rotating the crown in the counter clockwise position, the main time zone will rotate counter clockwise, but the hour hand on the small time zone will not move at all, thus making it easy to set the two different time zones.

Truly complicated stylish and comfortable, the Bell & Ross BR03 51 GMT has it all at a fraction of the price of its competitors.


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