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The Final Word from Basel

by Marco 11 avril, 2008 Voir les commentaires

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The Baselworld fair has come to an end. Hundreds of thousands of industry experts and watch enthusiasts have witnessed one of the world's most revered trade shows. Upon his return, Matt was very excited over all the new Bell & Ross pieces, and in awe of the new Concord C1 tourbillon. The new direction that Alpina is taking with their manufacture movement came up more then once. Matt was also impressed by several new jewelry collections that have been released by Calgaro and Pianegonda, which I will write about in my next blog.

The infamous Orange Instruments are back. Here is a list of limited edition watches that will be available in the coming months.

  • BR 01 92 Red or yellow - only 500 pieces
  • BR 01 94 Red or yellow - only 500 pieces
  • BR 01 96 and 97 Orange - only 250 pieces each
  • BR 01 Ingot full gold: Coolest watch ever - only 250 pieces

new bell and ross br 01s

Bell & Ross will also be introducing limited production pieces, with production limited to a certain amount per year. These will include the Blue and Phantom BR 03s and the Blue and Orange BR 02s that are already on bellross.com. Finally here is a list of all the other new pieces that were unveiled.

  • BR 01 94 Pro Titanium
  • BR S series: Smaller and slimmer then the BR 03
  • BR 03 Type Aviation
  • BR 01 Tourbillon Gold: with carbon fiber or aluminum fiber
  • Grand Complication Minuteur and Minuteur Tourbillon.

bell and ross br s

bell and ross limited production

bell and ross tourbillons

Also, here is a great picture of one of the coolest watches to be released at Baselworld. The Concord C1 Gravity Tourbillon.

concord c1 tourbillon


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