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Bell Ross BR01 Tourbillon is finally in Canada

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After arriving under armed guard, the Bell & Ross BR01 Tourbillon is finally here, we have waited patiently since ordering it at the Basel fair a year ago. We carefully opened the beautiful Carbon Fiber box to expose the grey foam rubber that cradled this magnificent Instrument.

My first thought was how great the case looked, more charcoal in color than the black carbon color of the regular Bell & Ross BR01 series. Much more robust with the extra angles and material surrounding the bezel., the weight is perfect for such a substantial watch.

The titanium case with clear back view of the carbon movement and DLC Diamond like Carbon finish is perfect with carbon fiber inset on the sides just adding the right touch. The Tourbillon dial is mesmerizing with regulator hands and the perfect balance of color for the power reserve and trust indicator.

This Bell & Ross BR 01 Instrument Tourbillon watch features a 46mm DLC (Diamond-like Carbon) titanium case with hardness of 4000 vickers. It also features a carbon fiber dial and carbon fiber lateral case inserts to strengthen and support the superstructure case of the Bell & Ross BR 01 Tourbillon. This exceptional tourbillon watch is powered by a manual wind regulator movement with carbon fiber plates and bridges. It also features a single barrel 120 hour power reserve indicator, trust indicator, regulator, and of course a tourbillon.

Only 60 in the world, and only one in Canada, exclusively at Matt Baily


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