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U-Boat Drawing Them In

by Dino 6 juin, 2008 Voir les commentaires

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As the tourists start rolling in for the Grand Prix, U Boat continues to draw them in from our store front window. There's something about their look that everyone seems to like. We have a vast array of watch brands, and every price range Bell & Ross Tourbillon, solid Gold Corum Admirals Cup Challenge 44 and the list goes on, but U Boat seems to be what every client has been drawn in to see.

The U Boat Classico Z 45 model 1818 is one of the most popular, especially because it is priced extremely well, then the Flightdeck Z 50 models stack up in second place. The problem sometimes is trying to keep them in stock.

U-Boat has already had a big impact on the men's watch world. To prove it, check out the list of famous fans including Sylvester Stallone, Tom Cruise, Ralph Lauren, David Beckham and John Legend.

You have to give Italo Fontana credit for coming up with such a simple and pleasing design.


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