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The Watch World is Preparing for BaselWorld

by Marco 18 février, 2009 Voir les commentaires

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The anticipation for BaselWorld is starting to mount. Companies are now offering some sneak peaks at what they will unveil in April at the largest luxury watch and jewelry trade show in the world.

Alpina is pushing the envelope with their first Tourbillon model of which only 18 will be produced. The AL-980 tourbillon movement set itself apart from other tourbillons by using silicon escapement technology offering longer time between servicing. It took three years of research and planning to conceive the 188 components that make up the movement.

Not to be outdone, Concord evolves their Gravity Tourbillon into something mysterious and spectacular. The Quantum Gravity showcases a bi-axial tourbillon escapement, which appears to be suspended in space. The movement's design is intriguing to say the least.

Alpina Tourbillon Concord Quantum Gravity


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