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New U-Boat Model: U-51 Rattrapante

by Marco 4 septembre, 2009 Voir les commentaires

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Many new U-Boat models will be available at the beginning of September. One in particular sets itself apart from the rest. The U-51 Rattrapante offers, as the name suggests, a split-second chronograph as well as a massive 51mm case and an extremely fine brown alligator and rubber strap.

Although much different then other models, the case of the U-51 does have some very telling U-Boat features. The crown, as always, is on the left side of the watch and is protected by a cap. The hinge and crown-protecting cap are more beefy then usual, and the whole system is held together by solid-looking screws and rivets. The width of the case is massive as usual. The bezel is similar to that of the Flightdeck, which extends past the height of the crystal, but on the U-51 the bezel is affixed to the case using five visible screws.

The Swiss automatic movement offers a the function that gives the watch its name. A rattrapante or split-second function makes it possible to pause the chronograph while keeping it running. This is accomplished by two seconds hands overlapping each other. One can be stopped in order to take a reading while the other one continues to sweep its way around the dial. Intricate watchmaking is necessary to perform this task mechanically.

Although, the U-51 is unique amongst other U-Boat watches, it still retains many U-Boat features such as the large case and left handed configuration. The U-51 Rattrapante is perfect for collectors that appreciate the high-art of horology, and at the same time are comfortable wearing large, sporty watches.


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