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Matt Baily Videos - Two of U-Boat Watches from Basel 2010

by Marco 25 mars, 2010 Voir les commentaires

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MattBaily.ca is producing HD videos in order to share as much of Baselworld 2010 as possible with our clients and fans. I have been finally been able to edit the first two HD videos. These pertain to the two awesome U-Boat watches that where revealed this year. The first is the Flightdeck Ceramic Bezel featuring - as you may have guessed - a black ceramic bezel and a sleek carbon fiber dial. The second is the exciting U-42 limited edition that I have been talking about in this and this recent posts. The beauty of the U-42 is that it offers many of the features from the impressive case of last year's ultra limited U-1942 - albeit in a smaller 53mm package - but at a fraction of the price. It is definitely worth taking a look at.

Flightdeck Ceramic Bezel

The first aspect of the Flighdeck Ceramic Bezel that struck me is its elegance. The U-Boat Flightdeck chronographs have always been quite sporty. Being based on aviation instruments, this is not surprising. On this new model, however, the glossy finish of the black ceramic mixed with the sombre, all-black PVD case, the sleek shine of the carbon fiber dial, and the rich hand-made strap are to the Flightdeck what a fine fitted tuxedo is to Lennox Lewis.

U-42 Limited Edition of 999 pieces

Titanium is perfect for use in large watches and the U-42 proves it. This Italo Fontana creation also takes advantage of the material's dark colour to create a decisively vintage look. The thick, natural grain strap and bold beige hour markers typical of U-Boat watches add to this effect.

Enjoy our film presentations of these two U-Boat watches, and feel free to comment on this and other blog entries on the Matt Baily facebook fan page. Keep an eye on or subscribe to the Baily Blog for more Baselworld videos to come.


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