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Pianegonda Love Glossy Earrings Great Mother's Day Gift Idea

by Marco 4 mai, 2010 Voir les commentaires

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Capturing the appreciation that we have for our mothers into a gift is easy. Like any of us, she wants to feel wanted and special. This happens to describe the way we see jewelry at Matt Baily Marchand de Montres et Bijoux. We built our collection of brands to be desirable and extraordinary. An item such as the Franco Pianegonda Love Glossy Earrings, exemplifies our taste for remarkable jewellery. It offers a unique, young, fun style that is elegant yet unassuming.

What makes the Love Glossy Earrings so remarkable is their brilliance. The smooth glossy finish is contrasted by a brilliant, irregular texture of the middle ring. This technique, dubbed Diamond-Cut by the manufacturer, offers a similarly high lustre as hundreds of tiny, pave set diamonds. The light dancing off the silver will do a lot of the talking, which is not to suggest that you should not include a personalized note with your Mother's Day gift.

The price of Franco Pianegonda Love Glossy earrings starts at under $200. All Franco Pianegonda jewellery is made in Italy. Items in the Franco P. Collection, are made in fine .925 sterling silver and treated to several coats including a final rhodium plating to protect the metal from oxidization.


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