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Video Review of New Hamilton Jazzmaster Slim Small Seconds

by Marco 12 juin, 2010 Voir les commentaires

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It would be pretty safe to say that all watches look better in real life than in pictures. The Jazzmaster Slim 43mm is as good an example as you can ask for. It also embodies what we are trying to achieve with the product videos on MattBaily.ca. In photographs, the Slim Small Seconds seems classic and simple, and that ends there. The dial is understated and the case is but a round fitted with a leather strap. This all changes once you have the piece in your hands. The more time is spent with the Slim 43mm the more one appreciates its elegant balanced design and incredible value.

One of the primary quality aspects of the Jazzmaster Slim Petite Seconde also posed a considerable challenge to Hamilton watch designers and engineers. This is the ETA 2892 calibre, Swiss-made automatic winding movement. This mechanism, which powers hundreds of much more expensive models for many brands, is of a fixed height. This is a problem when trying to keep the profile of your watch as low as possible. One thing that Hamilton did to shave off roughly a millimetre is close the case back. Steel does not need to be as thick as sapphire, which is used for Hamilton's open back watches, in order to be strong. The steel case back is engraved with the vintage Hamilton logo. This is suiting, as using see-through exhibition backs is a very modern design concept.

The best thing about the Slim watches, and also the ultimate goal of watch designers, is how they look on the wrist. Slim and elegant should not be taken to mean small. This timepiece is 43mm wide, which is abreast with today's larger watches. The back of the case is slightly rounded and there are no sharp edges, making the watch very comfortable. It fits under the cuff of a shirt very easily as can be expected from a slim watch. All these aspects make the Jazzmaster Slim watches very enjoyable to wear.

This blog entry is part of a series of videos and articles presenting this year's newest and most exciting Hamilton watches. To read the whole series please visit www.mattbaily.ca/blog/tag/hamilton_visit_2010/

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