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Preview of the New Corum Deep Hull 48mm Limited Edition

by Marco 25 juin, 2010 Voir les commentaires

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This year, Corum celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the infamous Admiral's Cup. In order to commemorate the half century, the brand's designers decided to offer, for the first time, an Admiral's Cup diving watch. The Deep Hull is a limited edition and does not hide in the shadows. It is encased on a rugged, 48mm hunk of high-grade titanium.

The case of the Corum Deep Hull is carved out of titanium. It displays the well known 12-sided, polygonal shape and incorporates several details worth mentioning. In recent years, Corum Admiral's Cup watches have used faceted crystals. This simply means that the sapphire crystal is 12-sided like the case. This small change has been welcome by Corum fans. The bezel also displays the same shape, but it is specially engineered in order to rotate. As is required by diving watches, the bezel only rotates in one direction thanks to a ratcheted track that lies underneath it. The important water resistance rating is carved directly into the front of the watch on a protruding corner between nine and ten o'clock. The protrusion is caused by the presence of a helium escapement valve. On the other side of the case the massive, titanium crown screws down securely into its resting position. Two protective shoulder accompany the crown. A simple touch of high-gloss finish decorates the thick lugs and looks quite nice.

Corum has slowly moved away from highlighting the nautical pennants that identify their Admiral's Cup watches. On the dial of the Deep Hull 48, the pennants are monochromatic and placed on a slanted, inner bezel. The phosphorescent hour markers are slightly more noticeable. More phosphorescent paint is applied to the typically wide alpha hands.

The strap is made of black, vulcanized rubber which is boldly shaped and imprinted with the Corum name. A fantastic oversized, tang buckle with a wide tongue is there to secure the watch to your wrist. The buckle is made of titanium as the case. The use of titanium is well advised for watches that are this large, as it is considerably lighter than stainless steel. The distinctive smoky, grey tone that the substance offers is a welcome side effect of its use.

Only 500 of the Deep Hull 48 will be manufactured. It is the first Corum Admiral's Cup model to be expressly designed as a diving watch and consequently offers a water resistance rating of 1000 meters, a striking rotating bezel, and all the highly robust structural qualities necessary for withstanding massive pressure. Watch collectors who love large watches will not be disappointed with the luxurious 48mm Deep Hull.

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