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Extreme Regulator Embodies Alpina's Uniqueness - With Video Review

by Marco 13 juillet, 2010 Voir les commentaires

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Alpina watch AL-650 Video ReviewThe Alpina Extreme Regulator, once known as the Avalanche Extreme Regulator, is a very important model in the Alpina watch line-up. It captures two important aspects of the manufacture's personality. The first is the large, bold, sporty case. The other is the Regulator function, that is found on many of Alpina's desirable models. Apart from an important reason for Matt Baily's desire to become an authorized retailer of Alpina watches, the Extreme Regulator has attracted many watch enthusiasts to Alpina Genève.

The 48mm wide case is suiting for a watch with the word "extreme" in its name. While rather large, the watch has a relatively low profile, which makes it very manageable to wear on any wrist size. My wrist is seven inches in diameter and I wore the similarly sized Extreme Automatic for months, loving every second of it. The individual features of the case are worth looking at. The thick bezel is coated with a protective, but also attractive, layer of black metal via a PVD treatment. It is held to the case with six specially manufactured screws that display the company's triangular logo. The crown is also quite bold, and a rubber grip is fitted onto it. The crown is protected by shoulders on either side of it, and these are reflected on the left side of the case thanks to the stylized shape of the watch.

The reason that the Alpina Extreme Regulator is so extreme is that it is inspired by adventurers. Switzerland is full of these types, which is not surprising considering the presence of the Alps. Alpina's ambassadors span many activities including skiing, scuba diving, climbing, and more. Alpina watches are inspired by these extreme activities and this explains why all the models in the Extreme collection are water resistant to a minimum of 100 meters and are delivered on a rubber strap. The remarkable strap that Alpina has developed is resistant, but also soft and comfortable. Its texture is velvety.

Inside the Alpina Extreme Regulator you will find the AL-650-5 calibre, which starts off as an ETA 6498-2 ébauche and gets modified by the company's watchmakers to add the regulator function. It is also receives a finishing suited for much more expensive watches. It is decorated with côte de geneve and all engravings are burnished. Alpina is still a relatively small company, with a yearly production of only about 10,000 watches. Its name therefore is far from being well known, but the beautiful movement, traditional regulator complication, unique style, quality construction, and great value speak for themselves. This probably explains why so many of our clients that purchased the Alpina watches when they first arrived at the boutique were collectors.

The Alpina Extreme Regulator offers unique design that mixes tradition with innovation, quality manufacturing, a simple but impressive complication, and great value. It is no wonder that it is such a hit amongst collectors.

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