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Video Presentation of the BR 03-92 Military Ceramic Bell & Ross Instrument

by Marco 14 août, 2010 Voir les commentaires

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The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 instrument is a remarkable watch. Its body is one of very few watch cases to be constructed entirely out of a specialized ceramic material, which endows it with extraordinary characteristics like extreme hardness. This fascinating and cool piece was presented in a Baily Blog article creatively entitled "Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Military Ceramic" published in April. Now we are releasing footage that was taken in Paris at the communications office of the manufacturer's headquarters. The camouflage-inspired BR 03-92 Military Ceramic is presented by Roberto Passariello, the company's communication director, who shows us all the angles and explains the ideas behind this awesome concept.

The BR 03-92 Military Ceramic is 42mm square and runs on the Swiss-made, 2892 calibre automatic movement by E.T.A. Its khaki colour is inspired by military camouflage. It is unusual to see colours other than white or black in ceramic watches because of the difficulty it represents at the manufacturing level. The heat used in the baking process, which hardens the ceramic material, is exploited in order to obtain the specific colour of the watch. The high level of technology combine with a distinct style to create a truly remarkable piece.

This post is a part of a series of videos and blog entries showcasing some of Bell & Ross' new watches for 2010. To view all the articles in the series visit the "Bell Ross Visit 2010" tag.

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