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Video Review of the Alpina Extreme Regulator Manufacture

by Marco 20 août, 2010 Voir les commentaires

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When the Extreme Regulator Manufacture was announced in 2008, we were all very excited at the store. We were already sold on the Alpina watches current at that time, and an in-house movement is a big step for any watch company to take. The result was a fantastic-looking, sophisticated timepiece that sticks to Alpina's dedication to provide great value to luxury watch enthusiasts. It still is amongst the best price manufacture watches on the market today, and definitely one of the coolest.

We just uploaded a video presentation of the Alpina Extreme Regulator Manufacture as part of our series of videos, blog posts, and images regarding Alpina watches, that we got when visiting the Alpina factory and headquarters. If you do not see the video embedded below, visit the original post here. Enjoy!


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