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Fall 2008 Jewelry Fashion Trends

2008 octobre 01

As a guy, I may not have the best understanding about fashion trends, but I do know jewelry. I also know which pieces look good on the wrists and necks of our customers. Combine hot jewelry with seasonal colours and you got this fall's trends.

Calgaro: Innovator in Beauty

2008 juin 29

Jewelry should be unique as well as fashionable to reflect the individuality of its owner. Calgaro is a jewelry company that understands this. They provide beautiful pieces that showcase the company's ability to manufacture silver and gold in unusual ways. Calgaro is the only manufacturer that can weave minute wires into comfortable, beautiful fabric. This unique material is present in many of their fine jewels.

Matt Baily Covers Baselworld: Exclusive, New, Luxury Watches and Jewelry

2008 mars 27

Baselworld is renowned as the place where all of our favorite companies unveil new pieces and collections. For this reason, it is the most important exhibition of luxury watches, and jewelry in the world. Over one-hundred thousand buyers, and aficionados flock to this quaint, historical city every year. Amongst the hoards of luxury enthusiasts attending the show, you can count on Matt Baily being there.

Matt Baily Launches New Jewelry and Watch Brands

2007 octobre 26

In the past three months, those who have been in the store have noticed a change. Our fourteen-foot showcase is filled with designer jewelry. Pianegonda, Rebecca, Ron Hami, Mimma, and Calgaro are examples of what is now available at Matt Baily's boutique.