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PANDORA Bracelet Promotion 8-11 Mar

2012 mars 02

PANDORA Promotion Du 8 au 11 mars, Cadeau PANDORA gratuit avec achat - recevez un bracelet a fermoir PANDORA (d'une valeur de 75$ CAD) a l'achat de 150$ ou plus de bijoux PANDORA. From March 8 to 11th, Free PANDORA gift with purchase - receive a PANDORA clasp bracelet (a 75$ CAD retail value) with your purchase of 150$ or more of PANDORA jewellery

Scott Kay Jeweller and Visionary

2009 juillet 28

Now that Matt Baily will be carrying Scott Kay's line of man's jewelry, I have had the opportunity to learn a little more about the man and his company. Scott Kay is definitely a great innovator in the jewelry business. Originally his claim to fame occurred when he predicted or created the popularity of platinum as a metal used for jewelry.