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  • Video Review of the Alpina Extreme Regulator Manufacture

    2010 August 20

    A video that we uploaded presenting the cool and sophisticated Extreme Regulator Manufacture by Alpina watches.

  • Coming Soon: Alpina Watches

    2007 October 26

    The stunning line of Alpina watches should be arriving soon. Here is the history:

  • Alpina Photo Contest

    2008 November 13

    The Swiss watchmaking brand Alpina recently organized a photo contest on the theme, Outdoors, in order to illustrate the spirit of the brand.

  • New Alpina models will be launched at Basel

    2008 March 28

    We're receiving some teasers from Alpina Watches about the whole new direction the company is taking, that is sure to make an impact.

  • Alpina Announces New Startimer Pilot Designs

    2011 February 28

    Alpina reveals a new series of Pilot watches - the Alpina Startimer automatic.

  • New Alpina Avalanche Extreme Manufacture Regulator

    2008 April 30

    Alpina products first series of Regulator wristwatches, presented in 2005, are a reminder of the brands heritage and fascinating history albeit with a design that is absolutely fresh and contemporary.

  • Alpinas are Here and Man are they Beautiful

    2007 November 27

    We are proud to say we are the first and only Canadian dealer of Alpina watches. Unbelievable craftmanship at a price point that is unheard of. Saphire crystal, regulator movements, high quality finishing.

  • Extreme Regulator Embodies Alpina's Uniqueness - With Video Review

    2010 July 13

    The Extreme Regulator is a fine example of the Alpina's personality and unique style. The quality of the mechanical movement and Swiss manufacturing are the base for a gorgeous, robust watch. In this entry we also present a quick video presentation of the Extreme Regulator in Full 1080p HD quality.

  • Alpina Presents the Club Collection - Part of Their Nightlife Watches

    2010 May 14

    Since we started carrying Alpina Watches at Matt Baily, the brand has offered decisively sporty watches. The Extreme Avalanche models, for instance, are not only rugged and water resistant, but look the part of luxury sport watches with their robust bezels and rubber straps. The company slogan, "Be a Player," is personified by Alpina's ambassadors, who are important players in their fields varying from sports car racing to slalom skiing. The new Club collections, released at the last Baselworld fair by Alpina, honour a different type of player. The Club watches are dedicated to urban players, presenting more elegant face and case without sacrificing the sporty DNA that Alpina has become known for.

  • MattBaily.ca Presents Video Presentation of New Alpina Limited Edition Watch

    2010 April 15

    The 12 Hours of Sebring GMT Chronograph was released this year by Alpina watches at the Baselworld 2010 fair. Its striking, luxurious, and sleek style has attracted quite a bit of attention. You can read the article I wrote about this watch on the Baily Blog titled "Alpina Official Timekeeper 12 Hours of Sebring 2010 Limited Edition." I liked the Sebring GMT Chrono when I saw it on pictures, but once I actually got to play with it at the show I fell in love with it. Its only downside is that Alpina will only manufacture 158 of them, but I guess that this is good for those who manage to get one!

  • Alpina Brings Back the Alpinist Spirit

    2007 December 14

    The dynamism of the brand is one of the commercial priorities, but the clue to succeed is to re-capture the 'Alpinist Spirit'. It is the Alpinist Spirit that made the brand so strong in the past.

  • Short Video about Alpina Watches

    2008 January 01

    The following is a short video about Alpina Watches, an exciting brand we've recently introduced to the Canadian market. The video features watches from several of their more popular collections including the Avalanche Extreme Regulator, the Avalanche Chronograph Automatic, as well as several others. Take a look!

  • Video Review of New Alpina Club Automatic

    2010 June 16

    The Club Automatic is the first of the watches to be presented. I introduced the Club Collections in a previous post on the Baily Blog. It essentially represents Alpina's take on elegant styles. It does not veer too far away from the company's distinctive character and the watches are far from plain or traditional. In the following video you will see three versions of the three-hand Club Automatic and how it looks on the wrist. Make sure you watch it in 1080p HD to enjoy these fine pieces in all detail.

  • Sneak Peak Pre Basel: New Alpina Extreme Tourbillon Regulator Manufacture

    2009 March 24

    Here is another from the pre Basel information we're getting in. Alpina Extreme Tourbillon Regulator Manufacture. Limited to 18 pieces worldwide.

  • Pre-Basel 2012 - Alpina Heritage Pilot 50mm Limited Edition

    2012 January 18

    Alpina introduces its new 50mm Heritage Pilot model, a limited edition watch inspired by 1930s aviation designs set to debut at the Baselworld 2012 show.

  • Matt Baily Baselworld Day 1 Report - Alpina and Graham Shine

    2008 April 04

    At the end of Day One of The Fair, Matt throws around a few names including Graham, Alpina products, and Bell & Ross.

  • Video Review of New Alpina Extreme Diver w/ Colour Dials

    2010 June 17

    What makes a watch successful? Sometimes it is advertising, sometimes it is the brand name, but sometimes it is because the watch is a great timepiece and offers great value. The Alpina Extreme Diver models have made many watch buyers very happy since their release a little over a year ago. Despite being amongst the most expensive, non-manufacture models in the collection, you are getting a lot of quality and style for the money. Early in 2010 several new variations have been added in the collection. I was invited to play with them at Alpina headquarters in Geneva, where I shot a video review for MattBaily.ca.

  • Factory Tour of Alpina and Frédérique Constant in Geneva

    2010 May 21

    Being invited to visit Frédérique Constant and Alpina' headquarters in Geneva, I packed my G11 and HD camcorder and made my way to Plan-les-Ouates. This neighbourhood, as I found out, is home to some of the most prestigious watch companies in the world. Since I had never visited this area before, I opted for the roughly thirty minute walk from the train station to discover it. On the way I encountered manufacturing facilities for Rolex, Patek Philippe, and several other watchmaking giants.

  • New Alpina Startimers

    2011 August 01

    Since we introduced Alpina to the Montreal market some three years ago, we here at Matt Baily’s have seen the brand evolve from a small manufacturer of quirky sport watches into a well-respected marque producing very desirable watches for very reasonable prices. This year Alpina has introduced a slew of new entry-level models that are very reasonably priced while still showing a marked improvement in quality. Chief among these new models is the Startimer Pilot series, which was announced earlier this year alongside the Sailing collection. After several months of anticipation, we finally have the Startimer collection in store, and they do not disappoint.

  • Alpina Official Timekeeper 12 Hours of Sebring 2010 Limited Edition

    2010 February 02

    Now in its second year of collaboration with the exciting endurance race, Alpina is celebrating this year's event with a new, limited edition, chronograph watch. The Official Timekeeper 12 Hours of Sebring 2010 commemorates the 58th anniversary of the race, which attracts over 150 000 spectators every year and kicks off the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) season. The decisively sporty allure of this new limited edition of 158 pieces will appeal to motor-racing fans thanks to its themed styling and specifically selected features.

  • New Alpina Heritage Pilot

    2012 July 26

    Alpina has been on a roll lately, introducing the hit Startimer and Sailing models last year. This year they updated the Extreme Diver with a new version, similar to the Sailing but with a ceramic bezel, and now they have introduced the highly anticipated Heritage Pilot. With a massive 50mm case and a design heavily inspired by 1930s pilot watches, the Heritage is a very interesting timepiece from a brand that has been making waves in the entry-level/midrange Swiss market as of late.