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  • Marco in Bern, Switzerland

    2009 July 27

    This past weekend I visited one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen. Although we only had time to scratch the surface of the Old Town, it was enough for me to fall in love with city. We visited two of the main attractions, as per the tourist guides. One is an amazing clock tower at the entrance of the old city called the Zytglogge and Bern's Gothic cathedral the Münster of Bern. Since the Baily Blog is on a watch site I will focus on the Zytglogge!

  • New Bell and Ross BR02s have Arrived

    2007 November 27

    We have just received the new BR02 models. These watches are big and masculin. Perfectly finished with a high polished case and brushed steel bezel. Very comfortable on the wrist. Tough enough to go 1000 meter swimming and elegant enough for a 5 star dinner.

  • Matt Baily Baselworld Day 1 Report - Alpina and Graham Shine

    2008 April 04

    At the end of Day One of The Fair, Matt throws around a few names including Graham, Alpina products, and Bell & Ross.

  • The Final Word from Basel

    2008 April 11

    The Baselworld fair has come to an end. Hundreds of thousands of industry experts and watch enthusiasts have witnessed one of the world's most revered trade shows. Upon his return, Matt was very excited over all the new Bell & Ross pieces, and in awe of the new Concord C1 tourbillon. The new direction that Alpina is taking with their manufacture movement came up more then once. Matt was also impressed by several new jewelry collections that have been released by Calgaro and Pianegonda, which I will write about in my next blog.

  • Water-resistance: 100m under water equals 11kg of pressure!

    2008 February 07

    Water-resistance means a watch is sealed against dust and water. It refers to the pressure the watch can withstand, measured in atmospheres or bars. Pressure is a force applied to a surface where 1 bar = 1 kg / sq. cm.

  • U-Boat Drawing Them In

    2008 June 06

    As the tourists start rolling in for the Grand Prix, U Boat continues to draw them in from our store front window. There's something about their look that everyone seems to like. We have a vast array of watch brands, and every price range Bell & Ross Tourbillon, solid Gold Corum Admirals Cup Challenge 44 and the list goes on, but U Boat seems to be what every client has been drawn in to see.

  • Bell & Ross Turn Coordinator

    2012 August 10

    Another year, and another series of Bell & Ross Instrument limited editions are out. It’s been a tradition for the company to release a new series of variations on the BR01 theme each season to renew interest in the ever-popular collection and give something for collectors to drool over. This year we had three new versions to look forward to, all paying homage to genuine aircraft instruments – the Horizon, the Altimeter, and the Turn Coordinator. The Horizon and Altimeter are forthcoming; in the meantime we have received the Turn Coordinator, a model that takes the disc-based time display of the Compass and Radar models and updates it for 2012.

  • Lets not tell time!

    2008 October 31

    One of the hottest things in the watch market today is the all black or Phantom type watches. There are a few companies manufacturing these models promoting the unreadability and unusual style.

  • Women living large

    2008 November 28

    The large watch fashion trend is still going strong. It makes quite the fashion statement when you see an elegantly dressed woman or celebrity wearing a large sporty timepiece. It exudes confidence and attitude, while still being functional and incredibly easy to read.

  • Luck and Bell & Ross - a Story from a Client

    2012 March 01

    This week we share an interesting story of loss and recovery from one of our clients.

  • Matt Baily Launches New Jewelry and Watch Brands

    2007 October 26

    In the past three months, those who have been in the store have noticed a change. Our fourteen-foot showcase is filled with designer jewelry. Pianegonda, Rebecca, Ron Hami, Mimma, and Calgaro are examples of what is now available at Matt Baily's boutique.

  • Matt Baily Covers Baselworld: Exclusive, New, Luxury Watches and Jewelry

    2008 March 27

    Baselworld is renowned as the place where all of our favorite companies unveil new pieces and collections. For this reason, it is the most important exhibition of luxury watches, and jewelry in the world. Over one-hundred thousand buyers, and aficionados flock to this quaint, historical city every year. Amongst the hoards of luxury enthusiasts attending the show, you can count on Matt Baily being there.

  • New Bell & Ross WW2 Bomber Regulateur

    2012 July 16

    Bell & Ross has been releasing many new and distinctive watches lately, departing from their tried-and-true Instrument series to offer some more unique timepieces. Last year we saw the release of the WW1 series, inspired by early wristwatches adapted from pocket watches often used during the First World War. This year they continue the vintage military theme with the introduction of the WW2 Bomber Regulateur, a rather strange watch designed to emulate a particular style of timing instrument used during the Second World War.

  • All-Black Watch Models of 2009 or Lets Not Tell Time Part II

    2010 February 06

    All-Black Watch Models of 2009 or Lets Not Tell Time Part II Nearing the end of 2008, we posted a blog entry named Let's Not Tell Time!, where Dino discussed several all-black timepieces of that time. Here we present a few of the more notable all-black watches from 2009.

  • Are you buying from an Authorized dealer

    2008 September 25

    Internet sales are definitely on the rise. If you Google a watch company, you will get pages of sites offering watches. Here's a little lesson in online shopping.

  • Tonnes of New Watches At The Boutique This Fall

    2010 September 24

    This Fall the Matt Baily boutique is receiving some of 2010's hottest watches including the Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Military Ceramic, BR Vintage 123 and 126, and the Marvin Malton series.

  • Calgaro: Innovator in Beauty

    2008 June 29

    Jewelry should be unique as well as fashionable to reflect the individuality of its owner. Calgaro is a jewelry company that understands this. They provide beautiful pieces that showcase the company's ability to manufacture silver and gold in unusual ways. Calgaro is the only manufacturer that can weave minute wires into comfortable, beautiful fabric. This unique material is present in many of their fine jewels.

  • Beware! The real truth about purchasing a watch outside of Canada

    2008 August 14

    I know you've been tempted seeing a watch in the islands or at duty free shops. What a great deal, I'll just put it on, and tell customs it's my watch if asked. The reality is, it is a criminal offense to not declare any luxury goods over $2,000.00.

  • Bell & Ross WW2 Bomber FR

    2013 April 15

    Bell & Ross a présenté bon nombre de nouveaux modèles originaux ces derniers temps et s’éloigne de ses modèles Instrument testés et approuvés pour offrir des montres originales. L’année dernière, la collection WW1 est apparue sur le marché, inspirée par les premières montres à bracelet qui étaient elles-mêmes une adaptation de la montre de poche, qu’on utilisait souvent pendant la Première Guerre mondiale. Cette année, le thème militaire vintage se poursuit avec l’arrivée de la WW2 Bomber Regulateur, une montre plutôt singulière conçue pour imiter un minuteur de bombe qu’on utilisait particulièrement durant la Deuxième Guerre mondiale.

  • What to do when water gets in your watch!

    2008 August 20

    Sometimes we get a little careless, especially when we're on vacation and everything is relaxed. On a nice hot sunny day, you decide to go for a refreshing swim, but you forget to check that your screw down crown is not properly screwed in. You do a couple laps, you notice that the timepiece is all fogged up, or has water inside the case.

  • Top 5 List of Watches that Changed the Way We Look at Luxury Timepieces

    2009 November 16

    For over five years, Matt Baily has set itself apart from other watch stores in Montreal by bringing in exciting, new, up-and-coming brands. When looking at a possible new brand to carry, quality is the first prerequisite and is followed by value and potential. This is how we took up dealership of brands like Bell & Ross and U-Boat for which we were the first dealers in Canada. With this list, we highlight five watches from our collections that have swayed trends and turned the most heads.