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  • Watch Accessories: A Great Gift Idea

    2007 December 07

    Giving a present to someone you love during this season is fantastically rewarding and meaningful. Figuring out what that perfect present is will be somewhat more demanding. For a watch aficionado, the right watch seems like the only great gift idea. But if you don't know the exact model he or she would love, the right watch may be an elusive animal.

  • Collaboration speciale: les bracelets cuirs

    2008 August 21

    Cette année encore, les bracelets cuirs ont connu une difficile saison estivale. Éraflures, craquelures, décolorations, l'été laisse des traces et les bracelets défraîchis ne sont pas toujours faciles à sauver. Bien sûr, certains produits pour traiter le cuir peuvent donner de bons résultats, mais lorsque l'humidité a envahi le bracelet, ça ne tient pas très longtemps. Force est de constater que requins et crocos furent jadis plus heureux dans l'eau...

  • Watches in Depth - Oddball Complications

    2012 February 13

    So far in the Watches in Depth series I’ve given coverage to the most important and most popular forms of complication – chronographs, tourbillons, calendars, and repeaters. These complications are well served in the current market. What about the odd complications, the one offs, the rarities that never became widespread? This feature is to highlight the forgotten complications that are often overlooked and under served in the modern market.