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  • Pandora Jewellery Perfect Mother's Day Gifts

    2010 May 03

    Mother's Day is just around the corner, and if your mom is anything like mine (someone who has everything), then shopping for her gift can get pretty stressful. This year I was thinking about something heartfelt, fun yet easy. Luckily Pandora Jewelry is now available at Matt Baily on Crescent street!

  • First look at new Bell and Ross Models

    2008 April 06

    Matt Baily, with his astonishing photographic skills, was able to email us a first look at some of the new limited pieces that Bell & Ross will be offering. Several new versions, of the tourbillon will also be available using 18K gold.

  • Matt Baily Covers Baselworld: Exclusive, New, Luxury Watches and Jewelry

    2008 March 27

    Baselworld is renowned as the place where all of our favorite companies unveil new pieces and collections. For this reason, it is the most important exhibition of luxury watches, and jewelry in the world. Over one-hundred thousand buyers, and aficionados flock to this quaint, historical city every year. Amongst the hoards of luxury enthusiasts attending the show, you can count on Matt Baily being there.

  • Concord Shows Skills With C1 Tourbillon

    2008 April 06

    At Baselworld, Matt Baily also got a chance to witness the brand new Concord C1 Tourbillon. It has the typical C1 case design, but extraordinary positioning of the tourbillon cage, vertically, on the side of the case. These pictures surely do not do this mechanical masterpiece justice, but more information and better images will be available during the week.

  • New Brand - Matt Baily Welcomes Pandora Jewellery

    2010 April 13

    Advertisers and sales people often describe jewelry in the most dramatic and powerful ways, and link it to some of the most deeply rooted emotions that humans can feel. So much importance is put on the sentimental aspect of jewelry that we sometimes forget that the whole point is to have fun with it. Picking, purchasing, and wearing jewelry is supposed to be enjoyable and to allow the wearer to express herself. Pandora jewellery is a created with the intention of allowing the users to express themselves. Matt Baily is proud to welcome this eclectic brand into the store and we invite you to come discover it for yourself.

  • Short Video about Pianegonda Jewelry

    2008 January 04

    In this continued series of short videos, we bring you Pianegonda, a designer jewelry line much respected here at Matt Baily. The mission of Franco Pianegonda and the company is to transmit happiness and emotions through original design, the purity and beauty of his creations, the quality of materials and the excellence of service. Have a look-see!

  • Short Video about the Corum Golden Bridge

    2007 December 26

    The following is a short video about the Corum Golden Bridge, a new luxury watch we've been featuring here at Matt Baily. The video takes a look at some details of the watch's construction and design. Enjoy!

  • Michele Watches Offers Great Mother's Day Gift Ideas

    2010 May 05

    When speaking of Mother's Day, Michele comes to mind. This is because this is the brand at Matt Baily that most often crosses generational lines. As many Michele watches were purchased by parents for their daughters is as many that have been chosen by men and women as gifts for their mothers.

  • Bell and Ross Creates a Dashboard Clock for Peugeot

    2008 January 31

    In 2006, Bell and Ross teamed up with Peugeot to create a stylish, aerodynamic dashboard clock. Since then, the timepiece has remained a constant fixture in their concept cars. The 2008 release continues in this tradition, featuring the B&R clock prominently mounted to the dash. The following photos are from their original collaboration. Noteworthy, and still to our liking here at Matt Baily.

  • The Rebecca Three-Stone Ring

    2007 December 13

    This past fall saw the arrival of several new designer jewelry brands at Matt Baily. All the pieces that came in, hand picked by Matt, are of the highest quality and with exquisite design. One ring, however, stole the show. The St. Tropez Three-stone ring by Rebecca caught the eye of women from every age group and of varying styles. It's not hard to see why.

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Watches - New FAQ

    2011 February 16

    Jason unveils his mightiest creation - a comprehensive Luxury Watch FAQ for beginners and experts alike. Browse the Matt Baily Knowledge Base for info on everything watch related from complications, servicing, warranty info, history, and more. http://www.mattbaily.ca/watch-faq/

  • Matt Baily Welcomes Marvin Watches to Canada

    2010 June 08

    Matt Baily is now the first, retailer of Marvin Watches in Canada in decades. Marvin Watch Co. carries a very long history and have produced millions of watches over the span of centuries. We are excited about this brand, because it matches the unique personality of our boutique. While luxurious and of high Swiss-grade quality, Marvin watches focus on value and creativity.

  • Scott Kay Jeweller and Visionary

    2009 July 28

    Now that Matt Baily will be carrying Scott Kay's line of man's jewelry, I have had the opportunity to learn a little more about the man and his company. Scott Kay is definitely a great innovator in the jewelry business. Originally his claim to fame occurred when he predicted or created the popularity of platinum as a metal used for jewelry.

  • Message from Newest Baily Blogger Jason

    2010 May 21

    Greetings all and welcome to the inaugeraul post of Matt Baily's newest blogger/employee - Jason Cormier. I'm far from the prototypical watch enthusiast. I studied history and art history at McGill and St Francis Xavier, and I have done everything from selling phones to fixing antique motorcycles. I am the literal jack-of-all trades. My latest path in life has taken me into the field of jewellery and watches. I worked in New Brunswick for a period of time, learning the diamond trade and working with some big-name watches. Now I have settled back into my favourite city, Montreal, to sell watches - one of my passions, among many.

  • VIDEO: New U-Boat Classico U-1001 47mm

    2011 May 22

    A video presentation of the new 2011 U-Boat Classico U-1001 limited edition watches in 47mm, from this year's Baselworld show in Switzerland.

  • Pianegonda 2008 Catalogs

    2008 January 11

    Pianegonda released their 2008 catalogs. The Woman's World catalog presents stunning pieces, sided by strong, empowering messages.

  • Review of New U-Boat Straps

    2009 July 28

    The most recent U-Boat watches to arrive at Matt Baily were fitted with the new version of the Classico Straps. Many aspects of the straps have improved. The most important improvement is the construction of the strap. The leather used for the body is still very thick, but it is a lot softer and supple then its predecessor. This means that the straps of a new watch will take a lot less 'breaking in' then before.

  • Pianegonda Love Glossy Earrings Great Mother's Day Gift Idea

    2010 May 04

    Capturing the appreciation that we have for our mothers into a gift is easy. Like any of us, she wants to feel wanted and special. This happens to describe the way we see jewelry at Matt Baily Marchand de Montres et Bijoux. We built our collection of brands to be desirable and extraordinary. An item such as the Franco Pianegonda Love Glossy Earrings, exemplifies our taste for remarkable jewellery. It offers a unique, young, fun style that is elegant yet unassuming.

  • Follow us on Twitter!

    2011 February 23

    Follow Jason, Mel and the store on Twitter! Jason_mattbaily, Mel_mattbaily, and Matt_Baily.

  • A Video Review of the Hamilton X-Landing Limited Edition Watch

    2010 July 14

    During Marco's visit to Hamilton headquarters in Biel/Bienne, he was able to film the watches in a full 1080p HD. In this Baily Blog entry, we present the limited edition X-Landing.

  • Matt Baily Videos - Two of U-Boat Watches from Basel 2010

    2010 March 25

    MattBaily.ca is producing HD videos in order to share as much of Baselworld 2010 as possible with our clients and fans. I have been finally been able to edit the first two HD videos. These pertain to the two awesome U-Boat watches that where revealed this year. The first is the Flightdeck Ceramic Bezel featuring - as you may have guessed - a black ceramic bezel and a sleek carbon fiber dial. The second is the exciting U-42 limited edition that I have been talking about in this and this recent posts. The beauty of the U-42 is that it offers many of the features from the impressive case of last year's ultra limited U-1942 - albeit in a smaller 53mm package - but at a fraction of the price. It is definitely worth taking a look at.