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  • Orbita Winders On a Quest for Longest Battery Life

    2009 February 09

    Corporation is always working on ways to improve their products. The popular line of Sparta winders is specialized at getting the most out of two D cell batteries. Over the counter alkaline batteries last an average of two years as the Swiss-made motors of the Sparta winders are programmed to engage for only a few seconds every ten or fifteen minutes. The winder only pushes the watch-holding cup one half of a turn and lets gravity do the rest of the. Now Orbita offers an even longer lasting battery solution with the use of new non-rechargeable lithium batteries.

  • Orbita Watch Winders for Collections of Every Size

    2008 May 30

    A collector with dozens or hundreds of high-end watches wants to keep all the pieces optimally wound, because many will not be worn for days to months at a time. They should also be displayed in a beautiful way, as the pieces themselves are tiny works of mechanical art, and are often very valuable.

  • Orbita Watchwinders

    2012 January 09

  • Watch Accessories: A Great Gift Idea

    2007 December 07

    Giving a present to someone you love during this season is fantastically rewarding and meaningful. Figuring out what that perfect present is will be somewhat more demanding. For a watch aficionado, the right watch seems like the only great gift idea. But if you don't know the exact model he or she would love, the right watch may be an elusive animal.

  • Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Him and Her

    2010 January 14

    Jewelry is a classic Valentine's day present and for good reason. A piece of jewelry can show that you know her tastes and her personality. An endless variety of designs enables you to choose a piece that carries a specific meaning like a good luck charm or a symbolic number for example. It doesn't necessarily have to be deep, powerful symbolism to be memorable. On our fifth Valentine's Day together, I gave my girlfriend a 5-stack Pianegonda Bond ring. I gave her each component separately at different moments during our dinner and movie date to represent each year that we were together. It could have been five years, or five months. The bottom line is that my theatrics made the event meaningful and therefore memorable.