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  • Its Always High Tide with the Corum Tides 48

    2007 December 13

    The 48mm Corum Tides 48 18k rose gold is one of the most gorgeous watches we've seen of late. No wonder this Corum is the hardest and most sought after watch in the line. The twelve sided case is totally unique and is perfectly balanced, giving it a striking look especially with black dodecagon bezel.

  • Guest Post: Hamilton Khaki Navy Sub - Boy Wonder's Own Diver

    2013 October 30

    ![H78615335 thumbnail](http://dev.mattbaily.ca/site-media/img/item/thumbnail/H78615335_thumb.jpg "Hamilton H78615335 Available at Matt Baily") "Holy dive watches Batman!" After discussing the ultra-competent, ultra-deep diving Bremont Supermarine S2000 last week, I want to dial back those Batman job parameters and look at what Robin does for a living. When taken out of Batman's shadow, you have to admit that The Boy Wonder is a pretty competent operator. He is capable of covering the Dark Knight's flanks in an ambush, answering the phones, and injecting a little levity into the working life of an otherwise dour blunt-instrument-of-Justice. Having a diver for beating around is a given in the male watch repertoire. Even if you don't need its capabilities, a diver makes a statement about the ruggedness and adventurousness of the wearer. For many, it's the only type of watch worth considering for daily wear. All deep divers are not created equal but, for our purposes, let's just call anything rated 500 metres or more, "Batman". Apart from extreme pursuits or sheer love of engineering prowess, we don't need Batman. Enter Robin.

  • Helpful Tips for Your Watches Long Life: Cleaning

    2008 January 22

    The case and bracelet must be cleaned to eliminate dirt and perspiration. After checking that all parts are screwed tight, gently rub the watch with an old toothbrush and soap. A household creme cleanser can be used if the watch is very dirty. Rinse with clear water and dry using a soft cloth.

  • Cool new high end tourbillon from Corum

    2008 May 28

    With its twelve-sided case exuding a definite sense of strength and its sophisticated lines, the Admiral's Cup collection has asserted itself as an icon among sports watches. Alongside the Romvlvs, Golden Bridge and Watchmaking Specialty collections, it is one of the four pillars on which the brand is grounded.

  • Extreme Regulator Embodies Alpina's Uniqueness - With Video Review

    2010 July 13

    The Extreme Regulator is a fine example of the Alpina's personality and unique style. The quality of the mechanical movement and Swiss manufacturing are the base for a gorgeous, robust watch. In this entry we also present a quick video presentation of the Extreme Regulator in Full 1080p HD quality.

  • Helpful Tips for Your Watches Long Life: Bracelet / Straps

    2008 July 01

    Summer is here and leather straps will take a beating. Here are some tips to keeping your strap or bracelet to prolong the seasons.

  • Lets not tell time!

    2008 October 31

    One of the hottest things in the watch market today is the all black or Phantom type watches. There are a few companies manufacturing these models promoting the unreadability and unusual style.

  • New Bell & Ross BR 01 All Carbon Fiber Watches

    2009 October 17

    Featured in a photo within the latest Swiss edition of Revolution magazine, is the brand new Bell & Ross BR-01 94 all-carbon-fiber watch. These new models have slipped through the cracks since they were spotted at last year's Baselworld fair. Now new pictures are available and the new all carbon fiber BR 01s are official.

  • U-Boat Classico AB 4 & the Original Carbonio

    2009 October 23

    The "Carbonio" was introduced by U-Boat watches years ago as part of the Classico Automatic Series. For the first year or so, it was a considerable success, and had built up a strong following. Then for reasons unknown to me the Carbon fiber-clad watch was discontinued, making it very difficult and sometimes impossible to obtain for our clients. Finally, the watch is once again available. Because it is produced in smaller quantities then other Classico models, and is the only Classico to offer a dial made entirely of carbon fiber, it will continue to make an important impression on enthusiasts of U-Boat watches.

  • New Hamilton Ventura Elvis Anniversary Collection

    2009 September 15

    Presented at the Baselworld fair earlier on this year, the Ventura Elvis Anniversary collections celebrate Elvis Presley's upcoming 75th birthday on January 8 of 2010. Two varieties will make up the collection. The first will replicate the original Ventura model that Elvis wore during the shooting of Blue Hawaii, while the second revives the futuristic and innovative spirit of the original model.

  • Corum blog press release Admirals Cup Tourbillon 48

    2008 May 28

    Wind, the power of waves and the genius of men able to harness them. CORUM has been part of the nautical universe since 1960, when the brand first created a collection entirely dedicated to sailing: the Admiral's Cup.

  • Why a pre-owned watch is not used

    2008 July 02

    There is a large market for pre-owned or used watches. Some people think of a used watch as something that is dirty or has bad Karma. While this could be hard psychologically for some people, and would be impossible to sway, a pre-owned watch could be a great way to get that watch that you find unreachable financially. Sure someone owned it before you, but a pre-owned watch sold from a reputable dealer whom you can trust, usually goes through a process of making it new again, and offer a warranty just like buying a new piece.

  • Alpina Extreme Sailing Automatic

    2012 January 23

    Alpina has been on a roll lately, after introducing several cool new models (including the Startimer and Extreme Sailing, and the upcoming Heritage Pilot) that have really put the spotlight back onto the brand. The new theme seems to be better design, better quality, and lowered retail prices overall. The new Extreme Sailing Automatic in particular offers exceptional value; it’s a clean, functional and good-looking watch that appears far more expensive than it is.

  • New Bell & Ross Airborne Diamond Studded Models

    2009 October 08

    The Bell & Ross watch that turned the most heads this year is definitely the limited edition BR-01 Airborne. Even if the skull and bones dial put a few people off at first, the story behind the design won many of them over. Two new diamond-set versions of the watch will be released in limited editions of 99 pieces each. 415 or 672, full-cut, hand-set, black and clear diamonds will adorn the cases of the two models. Their names are simply the BR 01 Airborne 415 and BR 01 Airborne 672.

  • Marvin Watch Co. Unveils the LOEB Special Edition

    2010 November 05

    The Marvin Watch Co. LOEB Limited Edition has been revealed! Jason has the scoop and official photos of the new watch.

  • Preview of the New Corum Deep Hull 48mm Limited Edition

    2010 June 25

    This year, Corum celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of the infamous Admiral's Cup. In order to commemorate the half century, the brand's designers decided to offer, for the first time, an Admiral's Cup diving watch. The Deep Hull is a limited edition and does not hide in the shadows. It is encased on a rugged, 48mm hunk of high-grade titanium.

  • Video Review of New Hamilton Seaview Medium Automatic Watches

    2010 June 11

    During my visit to the headquarters of Hamilton Watches, there were several new models that really impressed me. Two amongst these are for women. The RailRoad 38mm, which I will be posting a video of as we get closer to its release date, was one. The other was the Jazzmaster Seaview Medium that I will be presenting on this Baily Blog post.

  • All-Black Watch Models of 2009 or Lets Not Tell Time Part II

    2010 February 06

    All-Black Watch Models of 2009 or Lets Not Tell Time Part II Nearing the end of 2008, we posted a blog entry named Let's Not Tell Time!, where Dino discussed several all-black timepieces of that time. Here we present a few of the more notable all-black watches from 2009.

  • U-Boat U-51 Rattrapante Video Review - Literally Awesome

    2010 August 24

    A Full HD video presenting U-Boat's most complicated model (as of August 2010), the U-51 Rattrapante.

  • Alpina Official Timekeeper 12 Hours of Sebring 2010 Limited Edition

    2010 February 02

    Now in its second year of collaboration with the exciting endurance race, Alpina is celebrating this year's event with a new, limited edition, chronograph watch. The Official Timekeeper 12 Hours of Sebring 2010 commemorates the 58th anniversary of the race, which attracts over 150 000 spectators every year and kicks off the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) season. The decisively sporty allure of this new limited edition of 158 pieces will appeal to motor-racing fans thanks to its themed styling and specifically selected features.

  • Bell & Ross Military Ceramic

    2011 September 12

    Ceramic is the latest trend in watch technology, having been dormant for many years (ceramic watches first emerged in the 1960s). The recent popularity of ceramic watches like the Chanel J12, not to mention the ceramic accents on high-tech watches from Hublot and Audemars Piguet, has created a demand for more and more ceramic designs from a variety of manufacturers. Entering the fray is Bell & Ross with a variety of new ceramic models, including the BR03-92 Military Ceramic (green, as we have here, and blue due later this year) and the upcoming BR01-92 Ceramic.